COVID-19 Online Classes

Online Classes During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has shut down our schools and our children's activities. At cnjbt this doesn't mean we have to stop dancing. Below you will find our schedule for classes on the ZOOM app. Zoom allows for us to hear and see each other. A great way for a sense of normalcy and to see their teacher and dance friends. For each class you will be emailed an invite link so you can log on. Classes will last 45 minutes and will be specifically geared to allow for lack of space. Classes are scheduled later in the day to allow school work to be completed and also allow for devices to be free since many of you are working from home. All you need is a cellphone, tablet or laptop with a camera to participate.


Miss Alisha will continue to offer private lessons via Zoom for $50 or dancers who would like to create their own class with friends it is $60 for up to 4 students.

All fees must be paid in advance. Once payment is received the link for reoccurring class will be sent. Please email me what class plan you will be taking.

Payment can be made via:

Cost per Family:

  • 1 weekly class $45 per family per month
  • 2 weekly classes $90 per family per month
  • 3 weekly classes $135 per family per month
  • 4 weekly classes $180 per family per month
  • Unlimited $210 and get two privates or semi privates with Ms. Alisha and one master class video with Mr. Sterling

Mr. Sterling Master Class $50

  • Extra per sibling $15
  • Privates $50
  • Semi private with siblings or friends $60 each additional student $15

Class Schedule


5:30pm Hip hop/jazz 

6:30 Beginning ballet 1 with Stephanie
*ages 5-7

7:45 Open ballet with pointe option
*new class



Older students Oz choreography rehearsals and contemporary rehearsal
*This day will focus on choreography with a barre warmup or contemporary warm up. By invite only. These classes will require pointe work

6:30pm- 6:00pm Contemporary 

6:00pm- 9:00pm Oz



5:30  Beginning ballet
*ages 7 and up

6:45 Beginning Jazz

7:30 Open Ballet 
*for intermediate to advanced students



4:45 pm Pre ballet 

5:45 pm Open Jazz
*for intermediate to advanced students

7:00 pm Open ballet 
*for students who are intermediate and advanced ballet



5:00 pm Tap

6:30 pm Beginners Contemporary

7:30 pm Open ballet with pointe option
*for students who are beginner/intermediate ballet



10:00 am Adult Ballet

11:00 am Preballet

There is an old saying "if you don't use it, you lose it!" This couldn't be truer for dance training. We are here to make sure no one loses their hard work!

Thank you everyone for your continued support. Please stay safe! I miss all my students and their families. I hope to see you all soon. Please reach out if you have any questions or to say hello!

Thank you,
Ms. Alisha