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We came from another studio to CNJBT so my daughter could pursue a professional dance education. Alisha has been encouraging and supportive every step of the way. She provides a professional environment full of energy and opportunities. We are very happy with our experience at this studio. My daughter has grown as a dancer and a person. I am excited to see where this next year will take her. Thanks, Alisha!

Erika E.


There is no better technique based dance school than CNJBT. When my daughter decided to concentrate on ballet, we stumbled onto this school in our own back yard and it has been an amazing experience ever since. Not only is the ballet program amazing, with opportunities for the students to perform in full length ballets, there are also opportunities to learn other styles of dance, such as jazz and contemporary. Miss Alisha is definitely dedicated to her students. You will not be disappointed with your experience.

Pete B.


Alisha was very open to meeting my daughter who started dance very late at her dance level and helping her grow into an age appropriate dancer. Alisha has also been amazing at helping me follow along since I've never been involved in dance and am not at dance mom. What scene/act is this again?

Natalie W.


My daughter has only danced at this dance studio since an early age and has been able to effortlessly get into the dance major at the Mason Gross school of dance at Rutgers. There is both technique and joy to be found under Alisha's tutelage.



Ms Alisha is the most experienced ballet instructor in the area. For the littles, classes are fun while they learn the fundamentals. As they grow, Ms Alisha continues to foster her students with special guest dance instructors from professional companies around the country!!
My girls have been students, since they were 3 years old, for 9 seasons!

Giselle P.


My kids have been dancing at the central NJ ballet theatre since they opened over 7 years ago. It's amazing to see how far they have come and how much they have learned. This is the place to come for ballet and dance training from toddlers in tutus to graceful ballerinas en pointe.

Kimberly S.


I danced seriously throughout college so I was shocked when I entered the "real world" and found opportunities to dance in the atmosphere I craved were slim to none. After almost two years without dance I was fortunate to find CNJ Ballet and Alisha Cardenas! No matter your age you will have a blast in Alisha's classes and everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. I love having the opportunity to be challenged in dance again. Alisha pushes her dancers to be the best artists they can. She is extremely knowledgeable about dance and it's history. Come take a class and you'll be hooked!

Elise B.


If you are looking for a place where your dancer can seriously study ballet in your own backyard, CNJBT is the place for you. There is no other studio in the area where you will get better technique. Alisha also provides so many opportunities for the children such as performing in full length ballet productions and attending master classes with professional ballet dancers.

My daughters were so nervous to change studios in high school and were welcome warmly by the other dancers as well as Alisha. We were folded right into the family. Each and every year, I watch with amazement to see how much both my children grow as dancers by the recital.

Kelly Y.


Hello Parents,

If you are looking for a serious Ballet/Jazz dance teacher then it's Miss.Alisha. She is too good and have lots of patience to teach kids in her own way. My daughter learns ballet and Jazz with her, she did 2 stage shows. it's almost an year I am sending my kid to learn dance to her studio. She is a very nice person and Excellent teacher.

Pothuri K.


Ms. Alisha is a fantastic teacher, director, and mentor to my daughter who has been taking dance lessons with her for 5 years now! If you want a ballet school that teaches the art of classical ballet - then look no further CNJBT is the place for you!

Heather W.


Alisha is awesome and so is her studio! She has a lot of passion and cares a lot about her students. She has a very well rounded background in different types of dance for all ages and levels. You are guaranteed to have a good time!

Wendy C.


My granddaughter studies jazz at the Central NJ Ballet Theatre. Alisha is an outstanding teacher who has an amazing gift in bringing her passion for dance to others. Our family is so excited about the progress our granddaughter is making under the guidance of "Miss Alisha."

Kate W.


Miss Alicia is a great teacher!! Just watch her students dance! The performances she produces are a joy!

Joan C.


The CNJBT is a class act! Ms. Alisha knows what she is doing and has the cadre of instructors and students to get the job done! Enjoyed every performance I have seen! Looking for to more

Vinny B.


Not a better Ballet in NJ.

Gilbert C.


My daughter loves going to her classes. She takes acting, ballet, jazz, tap, & hip hop. Love the staff and studio and she loves all the new friends she has made. Couldn't ask for a better Studio for her to dance for. Also love the teaching environment, strick but still enjoyful!

Erin M.


My daughter has been attending Central NJ Ballet for over 1 year now. She has come very far in the past year and absolutely loves going to ballet/tap every week!

We absolutely love Miss Alisha and we are planning to send my little one when she gets a little older.

Casey H.


Our home away from home! ❤️
CNJBT provides a Strong emphasis on technique within a loving environment. My Girls have been attending CNJBT for the past 3 years and they look forward to every class!! They have grown so much as dancers!! I am very pleased with this school and highly recommend it!!

Mare S.


Alicia is about the art and discipline of dance. A great regiment for a young child with the interest in dance. I have two girls in her class 4 and 2 they both love it.

Gabe A.


This was my daughters first year at CNJBT and she loved it. It is the best dance studio around. My daughter can't wait until the summer program starts.

Megan K.


Just took my daughter for a tour and she loved it! Awesome staff, amazing program, and a nice facility. We've searched for a while, and we finally found "the one." Can't wait for her to start!

Quianna M.


My grandchildren love everything about CNJB and CNJT. The ballet classes taught by Miss Alisha are top quality as are the productions. My granddaughter can't say enough about her favorite teacher! My grandson is so thrilled at the opportunity to study song, dance, and performance with Miss Alisha and Miss Sophie. He comes home each day from theatre camp excited about all the new songs and performance techniques that he learns.

Regine P.


I'm an adult figure skater who's been desperately looking for both a good off-ice routine and a dance studio that welcomes adult beginners: I'm three lessons in and CNJBT already has given me all that and so much more.

The director Alisha is beyond helpful and personable: I emailed her on Thanksgiving and had private lessons lined up by Friday afternoon--and she's been just as wonderful ever since that stellar first impression. My teacher Rebecca is encouraging, supportive, helpfully constructive, hands-on, and masterfully adept at zeroing in on exactly what I want to work on in the hopes of translating that to being a stronger, more graceful skater. I'm a visual and kinetic learner, which Rebecca figured out in probably our first five minutes together--and she has been amazing at making every new element click in ways that have me pleasantly surprised. Every lesson so far has been punctuated by a whole lot of "I can't believe I can do that!"

I also for-reals LOVE how personalized my lessons are, too. I wanted to do ballet/barre for leg strength and balance, as well as modern dance because my coach recommended it as the best discipline to focus on for skating: My lessons are split between the two and it's absolutely perfect. I'm already seeing breakthroughs on the ice that I can thank my dance classes for, and being able to adjust each class according to what I feel like focusing on more is a flexibility that I absolutely adore and thrive on.

I was looking for a complement to skating; CNJBT has given me a second home that makes me look forward to my lessons. For being both well into my 30s and a total beginner, I feel as nurtured and challenged and hopeful as a dancer with a fruitful future ahead--which is exactly what I secretly wished for but never, ever thought I'd find. I've never had an hour fly by as quickly as they do when I'm here! This studio is one incredible find that I just can't shut up about. :)

Madeleine M.


Ms. Alisha is a very dedicated and extremely talented dance teacher. Her passion for dance is reflected in each and every dance step that her students take. My daughter came from another dance school to CNJBT two years ago. This was the best decision that my daughter made. Not only did Ms. Alisha teach her the true meaning of dance, she also helped her build her confidence to become the beautiful ballerina that she is today. She is a fantastic role model. If you want your child to learn dance without the drama, I highly recommend CNJBT.

Angie D.