Ballet Academy and Studio in Bordentown, New Jersey



Please print , sign and give to the studio


Dress Code:

Correct Dress code is required for all classes. Please see the office/website for correct dress attire.


A $35.00 fee is required with the registration form to reserve class space. Registration is not complete and class space is not reserved until fee it paid in full. Registration fee is waived if the student attended the previous year for consecutive months. Please find the attendance policy below.

For previous year students, Tuition is due August 1st. After August 1st, a parent must pay a $35 registration fee.

There are no refunds, even if a child registers and changes his/her mind. All money paid will be kept as a credit. No exceptions.

All students 6 years old and/or 1st grade age are required to register for a minimum of 2 classes/hours per week. Please note in order to obtain the best possible level, children are encouraged to take all the classes that are in their level. Please keep in mind 2 CLASSES/HOURS IS THE MINIMUM. Pre ballet ages 2 ½ to 5 years are only required to sign up for one class but must sign up for two or more classes when they turn 6 years old.

Dance is a discipline of repetition. Here are the suggested guidelines for a non-recreational student:

Ages 2 ½ to 4: 1 hour per week

Ages 5 to 7: 2 to 3 + per week

Ages 8 and up: 4 to 8 hours per week, including rehearsal time.

Ages 10 and up: 7 + hours, including rehearsal time

Pointe Students must take a minimum of 3 ballet classes, including a pointe class per week.

By age 8, children should be enrolled in multiple ballet classes to be considered into the Pre Pro Program. The minimum class load is considered recreational. Recreational students do not receive the same amount of stage time as students on the Pre Pro Track.


The CNJBT does not carry medical insurance for its students. Students will provide own insurance in case of injury.

Snow or Bad Weather:

The studio will not necessarily close for snow days/inclement weather, regardless if area schools are closed. If in doubt, contact the studio for updates via email through the website . FYI: Facebook is a great way to know what is going on at the studio in case of snow, bad weather or local emergencies. Please “like” the Central NJ Ballet Theatre on FB.


Holidays will generally follow local area school schedules. Holiday dates will be posted on the office and studio doors prior to holiday periods. We do not close for teachers’ workdays.


There is no refund for missed classes. Classes will also not be prorated for family holidays and/or vacations. Students are encouraged to make up the missed class(es). Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student, especially during recital season. Please make every effort to have your child at every class. You must keep your child enrolled in consecutive months. If a child misses a month’s worth of classes, a $50 re- admittance fee will be applied. If you wish for your child to receive the best possible experience and training, they must consistently attend class. It is strongly encouraged that a child “makes up” a missed class by attending a class at an equal level at a different time during the week.  Please understand that if a child drops out and comes back, the current rates of classes will then be applied. Please see the office for the current rate of classes.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available and encouraged for students who want to obtain the best possible performance level. Please see the studio for pricing information.

Class Observation:

Parents’ observation days are TBA throughout the year. Observing the class at other times is not allowed.

Recital and Nutcracker  Performances:

Dates for the Recital and Nutcracker Holiday performances are as follows:

Nutcracker: December 8th at Villa Victoria, Ewing, nj

and December 10th at Carslake Community center, bordentown, nj

Recital: June 22nd at Villa Victoria, Ewing, NJ


Costume and Recital Fees:

The costume, performance and recital fees are the following and must be paid in full when notified:

Nutcracker: $200 per family, Due September 5th, 2016.

Recital: $225 per family and $65 for each additional costume, Due January 3rd, 2017.

Tickets: $20 dollars for Adults and $15 for children ages 2-10.

It is the CNJBT’s goal to keep these costume and recital fees at the minimum, so we often fundraise for our performances. This keeps the rental costs down compared to other studios. We also will be fundraising for the Holiday performance and will require everyone’s full cooperation. The goal of the fundraiser(s) is to keep performance cost at the bare minimum for families. Intermediate and advanced students will be asked to fundraiser for their ballet production costumes and tutus.

Please keep in mind that The CNJBT is a classical ballet studio!

For Nutcracker: Parents do not purchase the costume. Each child will have a costume fitting and some students will have to share a costume. This is TRADITION! But…if the parents wish to purchase their child’s costume, they can on their own accord separate from the Nutcracker and performance fee, if the costume is available. The fee also includes 2 tickets.

For Recital: The fee includes one (1 ballet) costume and 2 tickets.

For both Nutcracker and Recital, parents might be asked to purchase extra items for their child’s costume.

Please keep in mind that Nutcracker is a show! There are many different parts. Just like in any show, there are leads that are featured more. There is no small part! Everyone is important to make the show whole! Some students may be the same role as they were the previous year…Miss Alisha was a mouse for 3 years straight! All roles are decided upon class time, level, and experience at the director’s discretion. There is no discussion of roles. Each child’s role(s) have been carefully chosen by the directors.  Please note that Nutcracker demands extra rehearsals. All students must come to extra rehearsals, unless it’s an excused absence from the director. Failure to come could result in your child not being able to perform. Most rehearsals will take place either on Saturdays or Sundays from September to December. Your child is only allowed to miss two rehearsals. More than two, your child may be removed from the show. Students are to come sit and watch if they can.  No exceptions.

For recital, it is a showcase of what the students learned that year in class! We start to learn many of the dances from February to June. Please make sure your child attends all classes. Students who miss choreography might risk not being in certain sections of the dance or the dance entirely. Int/Adv dancers will have rehearsals outside of class. Your child is only allowed to miss up to two recital rehearsals. Students are to come sit and watch if they can.  No exceptions.  If you need clarification on what’s the difference between Nutcracker and Recital please feel free to ask!

Pre Professional Program

This program is for the serious dancer that wishes to gain a strong foundation in Classical/Contemporary Ballet and other dance forms. Pre-Professional company members must take a minimum of 3 classes per week. Two of the classes must be the Pre-Pro Tuesday Ballet/Pointe Class and one other ballet class during the weekday session. Students have the option of choosing their elective classes. Pre-Professional students are encouraged to take more the 3 classes per week in order to achieve the highest performance level. Currently there is not an age limit but students must be at the Intermediate to Advanced level, which is determined by the director. Pre-Professional students are required to come in for set rehearsal times throughout the year.  Pre Pro students will receive extra opportunities to perform for shows and the community. Please contact the office if you wish to audition for The CNJ Ballet Pre-Professional Company.

Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP)

Our most promising students will be asked to compete in the YAGP. YAGP is by invitation only. Date and location to be determined. Outside rehearsal is required at a set fee.  Placement is for pre pro students 9 years and up. Directors Discretion. Please see studio for rates.

Video Taping and Photography during Performances:

Video Taping and Photography during performances is not allowed. This is for the safety of the students. Parents may take pictures after the shows. CNJBT will try to organize a DVD for parents to purchase.

Recital Program:

We are planning to invite friends, family and local area business to purchase adds for the program. Please stay tuned.


*Tuition remains the same whether it is a long (5-week) or short (2/3-week) month regardless of absences, performances, and holidays. It is payable monthly in advance, due at the first lesson of each month. No statements will be sent out unless you are overdue. There is a $25 late fee applied if tuition is past due of 5 days. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please understand that like any business, the studio has its obligations to make and it’s imperative that tuition is paid on time! Please note tuition is calculated in a sum of 10 monts. It is payable in 10 month installments, one lump sum or two lump sums. All 10 months must be paid regardless of absence.

*No gum, food or beverages other then water allowed in the studio.

*Students must remain in the studio until parents pick them up.

*After 15 minutes, there is a charge for “late pick up.” Please make arrangements to pick your child up on time.

*No leaving the studio during class times. Please make sure your child goes to the bathroom before class. This is for the safety of your child.

*If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss it with the director whenever it does not interfere with a class.

*Rehearsals will be called during performance season. Please understand that in order to have a show run smoothly, everyone’s full cooperation is needed. Please be on time for all classes and rehearsals!

*Students pictures might be used for marketing, Facebook and promotions. No last names will be used to ensure the privacy of our students. Please let the director know if you don’t wish for your child’s picture to be used. Otherwise, per this policy agreement, it is understood that your child’s picture can be used for marketing, Facebook and other such promotional tools.

*In case of absence, Miss Alisha will always do her best to find a substitute teacher. Please note in the event a substitute can’t be found, Miss Alisha will reschedule the class.

*Since the CNJBT does not require a deposit or a contract, if you wish to drop dance please email the director 2 weeks prior to dropping.

*Pre pro students, ages 8 and up in more than 3 classes per week will be asked to help with outside events. They are required commit to at least one outside event per season.

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to another great year at The Central NJ Ballet Theatre!

Alisha Cardenas

Artistic Director

The Central NJ Ballet Theatre

I have read, understood and agree to The CNJBT’s above policy.

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