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It is Prince Siegfried's twenty-first birthday and the courtiers and peasants have gathered to celebrate his coming of age. In the young prince's honor, many toasts are made and a pas de trois is danced. During the festivities the queen mother arrives and presents her son with the gift of a crossbow. She also informs him that the time has come for him to marry. The queen announces that she will give a ball the next evening and has summoned young princesses from around Europe deemed worthy of becoming his wife. The prince is to select the one who pleases him most.
Siegfried seems overcome and disturbed by his thoughts. The idea of having to choose a bride from his mother's selections saddens him. As the revelers disperse, a flock of swans flying overhead catches the prince's attention. He reaches for his crossbow and heads out into the night.


At the lakeside, the prince encounters a magnificent flock of swans. In awe, he aims his crossbow when suddenly one of the swans is transformed into a beautiful woman. It is Odette, Queen of the Swans. The prince is captivated by her soulful countenance and starts to approach her, but she becomes frightened and turns from him. When he assures her that he means no harm, Odette reveals to him that she and her companions have been placed under a spell by the wicked Von Rothbart. By day they are condemned to take the form of swans and only at night can they regain their human shapes. This spell can only be broken if a man promises his love and remains faithful to that vow. Siegfried at once declares his eternal devotion, but no sooner has he done so that Von Rothbart appears. When Siegfried seizes his crossbow and takes aim, Odette shields the evil enchanter, for if he should die the spell imprisoning her could never be broken. Von Rothbart escapes and Odette runs away followed by the prince.
The remaining swan maidens appear and dance their celebrated waltz. At its end, Siegfried returns, seeking Odette. When she appears, they express their tragic love in an adagio pas de deux.
Dawn begins to break and the pale light tells the maidens that they must again change back into swans. Left alone with her beloved, Odette bids him a tender farewell and reluctantly reassumes her enchanted form.


The guests assemble for the great ball in which Prince Siegfried is to find his bride. The queen mother and the prince appear, as well as 4 Princesses who are prospective fiancées (respectively Spanish, Hungarian, Neapolitan, ) but his thoughts remain with Odette. At the end of the dance, he informs his mother that he cannot marry any of them. At this moment trumpets sound the arrival of two uninvited guests. They are Von Rothbart and his daughter Odile, whom he has transformed into a semblance of Odette. Siegfried is enraptured thinking he has found Odette again.
Siegfried and the beguiling Odile begin the exultant Black Swan pas de deux. As the duet reaches its brilliant climax, the real Odette appears as a vision, but Von Rothbart spellbinds the court and so deludes the prince. At the conclusion of their dance, Siegfried declares his love for Odile and his desire to marry her. Immediately the prince's mother expresses her approval, but Von Rothbart demands that the young man swear a formal oath. The prince innocently complies, and when he has done so, Von Rothbart and Odile mockingly reveal their true identities. Siegfried now sees the vision of the weeping Odette and understands his mistake. frantic, he flees the palace in search of his beloved.


The swans are grieving for their queen. With Siegfried's broken vow, Odette's hopes for love and freedom have vanished. Distraught, the prince enters and explains to his beloved that he, too, was betrayed by the evil magician. He begs Odette's forgiveness and explains that he could never love another. Odette understands and forgives him. Siegfried kills Von Rothbart, the spell is broken, and everyone lives happily ever after.

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The story begins...

Selene (is the name of the ancient Greek goddess of the moon), a young Tarot reader and fortune teller is reviving in her sleep the moment of her medium powers awakening.
Raised in a matriarchal community of only women, with her memory, in her dreams comes also the premonition of a warning, "A man in her life could disrupt the balance of her powers..."

A few years later...

A foreigner young man came to town in search of fortune and stumbled in Selene's Tarot reading Tend at the City's Open Market.
Selene recognizes in him the man of her premonition and loses her senses in a rush of curiosity, fear and excitement for the already known but yet to meet soul standing in front of her.

Class Performers - 1st Act

Tuesday 5:30pm Contemporary

Autumn Young, Kiera Schaffer-Massingill, Kelsie Schaffer-Massingill, Sophia Szabo, Annamarie Peters,
Cecilia Zintl, Hailey Parks, Violet Szabo, Giselle Pecht, Margot Pecht, Mollie Ward, Kayla Miller-Keister, Tanner Hutchinson, Samantha Philistin, Ali Jans, Natalie Wright, Angela Wright, Celena Estok and Lilly Estok

Friday 5:00pm Tap

Autumn Young, Annamarie Peters, Caitlin McKelvey, Madeline Robinson, Katherine Dziegielewski and Aurora Cruz

Monday 5:30pm Hip Hop

Danica Kacsur, Benjamin Landis, Gabriella Carter, Kinza Kazmi, Katrina Kauriga, Lily Krupa, Arianna Papp,
Rosalie Arecchi, Kendyl Wright, Zoe Randall,
Cassidy McKelvey and Talia Kerekes

Pre Ballet

Taylar Kerekes, Addy Nosek, Farrah Harris and Violetta Lotzin

Thursday 5:45pm Jazz

Kiera Schaffer-Massingill, Kelsie Schaffer-Massingill, Mollie Ward, Kayla Miller-Keister, Sophia Szabo,
Annamarie Peters, Haliey Parks, Ashlynn Yang,
Brookelyn Prester and Autumn Young

Wednesday 6:30pm Jazz

Danica Kacsur, Ben Landis, Madeline Robinson, Avery Martin, Margot Pecht, Gabriella Carter, Jessa Bernotas, Calle Arico, Anna Giberson, Benjamin Landis, Julia Feather and Aurora Cruz

Monday 6:30pm Ballet

Addison Scott, Lily Cooper, Arianna Papp, Katrina Kauriga, Everly Campbell, Alexandra Faust, Rosalie Arecchi, Mila Enriquez, Silvia Campo, Kendyl Wright, Zoe Randall, Talia Kerekes and Ma'Lynna Archer

Friday 6:30pm Contemporary

Niyati Bandlamudi, Autumn Young, Avery Martin, Giselle Pecht, Margot Pecht, Julia Feather, Guenivere Cioch, Violet Szabo, Madeline Robinson, Rosileigh Dimaio and Ava Quimby

Teacher Solo

Ali Jans

Fortune Teller by Niccolo Orsolani

Tanner Hutchinson and Niccolo Orsolani with Celena Estok, Sophia Szabo, Violet Szabo, Cecilia Zintl,
Kiera Schaffer-Massingill, Kelsie Schaffer-Massingill,
Ashlynn Yang and Annamarie Peters

15 Minute Intermission

Swan Lake - 2nd Act


Alisha Cardenas

Assistant Director

Ali Jans

2020-2021 Teachers

Erin Ryan, Jeanie Crome, Ali Jans, Stephanie Venutolo and Emma Landis

Guest Artists

Fred Davis, Niccolo Orsolani, Alexa Angelucci and Erin Ryan

White Swan Odette

Ali Jans

Prince Siegfried

Fred Davis

Black Swan Odile

Tanner Hutchinson

Von Rothbart

Erin Ryan

Pas De Trois

Niccolo Orsolani, Sophia Szabo and Kelsie Schaffer-Massingill

The Queen Mother

Alexa Angelucci


Sophia Szabo, Cecilia Zintl, Kelsie Schaffer-Massingill and Kiera Schaffer-Massingill


Ashlynn Yang and Niccolo Orsolani with Rosaleigh Dimaio, Guenivere Cioch, Julia Feather, Caitlin McKelvey, Avery Martin, Niyati Bandlamudi, Madeline Robinson and Violet Szabo


Celena Estok and Niccolo Orsolani with Hailey Parks, Samantha Philistin, Angela Wright, Natalie Wright, Lilly Estok and Brookelyn Prester


Giselle Pecht with Margot Pecht and Autumn Young


Annamarie Peters, Mollie Ward, Kayla Miller-Keister and Natalie Wright

Court Ladies

Hailey Parks, Samanta Philistin, Angela Wright, Natalie Wright, Margot Pecht, Autumn Young, Lilly Estok, Niyati Bandlamudi, Avery Martin and Rosaleigh Dimaio

The Swans

Demi Soloist

Ashlynn Yang and Kayla Miller-Keister

Little Swans

Sophia Szabo, Cecilia Zintl, Kelsie Schaffer-Massingill and Kiera Schaffer-Massingill

Big Swans

Annamarie Peters, Mollie Ward, Kayla Miller-Keister and Celena Estok

Swan Corps De Ballet

Giselle Pecht, Hailey Parks and Natalie Wright

Grand Waltz

Benjamin Landis, Madeline Robinson, Jessa Bernotas, Julia Feather, Guenivere Cioch, Caitlin McKelvey, Calle Arico, Renata Colandrea, Ava Quimby, Lily Cooper, Alexis Pond, Rosaleigh Dimaio, Autumn Young, Avery Martin, Giselle Pecht, Margot Pecht, Violet Szabo, Sammantha Philistin, Julia Feather and Brooklyn Prester